Welcome to the Mammoth Cave Amateur Radio Club website.

This site's mission is to provide club members with up to date information about club activities and news related to amateur radio.

The Mammoth Cave Amateur Radio Club meets every third Tuesday of the month at 7PM downstairs in the Glasgow Town Hall. Everyone is welcome to attend, member or guest! Cant' make a meeting?  You can join us every night at 8PM on 146.94(-) for the Mammoth Cave Amateur Radio Club nightly net.


Repeater Frequencies:

2m   - 146.940(-) Tsql 114.8 - Glasgow, KY
          146.895(-) Tsql 114.8 - Bonnieville, KY

70cm - 444.925(+) No Tone    - Glasgow, KY
           444.850(+) Tsql 114.8 - Bonnieville, KY


Current Club Officers are:

President: Larry Brumett,KN4IV
Vice-President: David Robinson, KK4PWE
Secretary/Treasurer: Chappy Rice, KD4SS
Vice-Secretary/Treasurer: Herb Hess, KJ4CMG

Website update

As of late there has been some confusion regarding the new tones on the repeater. I thought I had updated the website to reflect these changes in operation, but found out the other night I had not done so. My apologies to all the hams that attempted to use the information on the website to setup their radios.

I just finished updating the header images. They now show the proper tone requirements. In addition, I added some text to the main page listing the repeater frequencies, tones and the QTH of each repeater.

If anyone finds an error or something does not seem to be working correctly please send me an email.